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Various Types of Clutch Bags and Purses | Choose the Best

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In the growing world of beautiful little clutch purses, there are a few basic things to consider.

A clutch is simply a small purse without a strap or handles, usually made of fabric formed around a metal frame with a top opening, originally held closed by two slightly offset metal beads or knobs, called a kissing lock. From that humble base, many options have been developed over the years the most common varieties are standard, envelope and box. 1800’s versions are still sought after by collectors today and many makers still model those early designs for their simple form and functionality. Modern versions are available in a variety of different styles often with magnetic closures or light snaps.

The typical clutch is a cloth bag sewn around a metal frame. It can be simple and elegant or bold and bright. Some are pleated or ruffled which is a nice compliment to many formal outfits. The available beaded bags have an air of history about them and can feel distantly antique or give just a slight nod to the Sixties or Seventies. Trimmed with lace or flowers or both the simple clutch can be the perfect complement.

The envelope style of clutch is a geometric style resembling a large envelope. They too come in a variety of shapes, color and sizes and from simple to bold styling. This more modern take on the clutch is an effective statement piece and are available in bold jewel-like colors to be that flashy accessory needed to brighten a simple dress, or in muted pastels and a range of off-white hues to be a subtle addition that doesn’t detract from an already beautiful outfit.

The box style as its name suggests is a structured and more durable style. This solid body type of clutch also is available in all sorts of sizes and a great variety of patterns and colors. From patent leather to bejeweled or floral, and metallic to lace, the box clutch is a unique addition to almost any event you might attend.

The best clutch for you is a matter of personal choice. It should fit your style and match readily with your wardrobe or at least a specific outfit. It can reflect your outgoing personality or be a quiet, functional accessory. Choose a size that suits you best. It should be easy to hold, and easy to manage. Ideally, your clutch should feel like a part of you and be large enough to hold all the little things a girl might need on a day or evening out.

adminVarious Types of Clutch Bags and Purses | Choose the Best

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