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Potli bags are one of those fashion accessories that women love to flaunt. Irrespective of the generation potli bags are irreplaceable wardrobe accessories and they only get better with time. Since the ancient age to the modern day, potlis have changed their look to adjust to the taste and needs of the time. While once they were plain and simple and extremely basic, they developed to be made out of various materials like fine silk and even began to get adorned with embroidery and gems to suit the likes of the royal households. Present day potli bags come in stunning fashion. From cotton to silk, brocade or satin, you can get them in any material of your choice. Attached with a drawstring, these potli bags or potli pouches have mesmerizing Indian embroidery, making use of zari work, thread work, beads, sequins, mirrors, etc. The Kutchi style Gujarati potlis are famous for the wonderful embroidery and art work and the ecofriendly material used.

You can also get sleek designs to suit your style. Potli bags are also wonderful gift items for your near and dear ones. Pack them with dry fruits or chocolates as your blessings and they bring a smile on the face of your loved ones. What we do not know about potli bags is the rich history associated with it. Potli bags exist since ages and have stood the test of time. Carrying with them the rich heritage of India they are equally famous and loved even today. Here are some unknown and interesting facts about your dear own potli bags that will excite you.
Potli massage is a form well known in Ayurveda and it is popular since the Vedic Age. Different kinds of herbs were tied up in a potli and used in the massage. They were even named according to the herbs used. The potli form is thus an ancient heritage of India.
As per the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, they used to carry their food and personal belongings in a potli when they left for exile in the forest. From the descriptions, it can be assumed that people in those ancient days actually carried their belongings in large potlis while traveling and also had small potli bags with strings attached to them to store gold and silver coins.
Potlis were not only popular for personal use and medicinal use but also for trade purposes. Dry fruits potlis and spice potlis emerged as a part of the foreign trade in the medieval ages. These were very popular among the merchants.
Renowned poet and lyricist Gulzar gained fame with the serial ‘Potli Baba Ki Kahaai’ which featured an old man carrying a potli full of stories for children.
If we think of foreign countries, we can even spot Santa Claus carrying a potli bag full of toys, gifts and sweets for children on Christmas. We surely hadn’t thought of that as a potli bag ever, right?

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